New Members’ Charter

Looking at our database we have 29 male members who do not have a handicap index. This may be by choice, or it may be that new members find it difficult to arrange to play with other members of similar ability. Some people new to golf can feel intimidated by experienced golfers. To help new members I would like to introduce a WhatsApp group for newcomers to be able to arrange games between each other. This is totally voluntary, but if interested members will be asked to complete a consent form to take part in the group. The group will only be for issues relating to Flempton or the playing of golf.
We know that 40% of members do not use Howdidido and 27% do not use the members’ hub. I will be posting links to videos to show how to make the most out of online media.
We will be arranging social golf events for new members, to give an opportunity to meet more people . I will introduce “Meet the Captain” events.
Too often new members have been left to search out answers to questions. We must become more proactive. We are about to review our website. I am proposing a “ New Members Page “. This will give information to new members regarding social events, Club events, how to obtain a handicap index, how to enter competitions and register scores. It will include details of our roll ups and how to join in. The new members page will give information regarding when the Clubhouse is open, when food is available, up to date menus.
I issue a monthly bulletin with news about upcoming events, matches and results.
The page will have a contact form where you will be able to ask me a specific question by email.
We need to be more proactive, we need to demonstrate that members joining Flempton are valued and that they are appreciated.


Flempton Golf Club, The Clubhouse, Flempton, Suffolk, IP28 6EQ

01284 728291

Membership Enquiry Form

If you are interested in joing the Flempton Family please complete the enquiry form. We are pleased to announce we do have limited vacancies for membership available.